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The Vegan Deck

The Vegan Deck

The Vegan Deck

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A deck of inspirational, educational, fun cards tackling all the questions everyone has on being or trying the vegan life. Written by long term vegan Lisa Gawthorne. 

The most comprehensive deck of its kind on the market. Beautifully illustrated on one side and fully backed up with information on the other side. The information is printed on various different shades to complete a lovely subtle rainbow effect when fanned out. 

Ever wondered what being vegan actually means? What you do and don’t eat? What you wear and don’t wear? How to plan travel, holidays, and even tackle dating? Well all these questions and so many more are answered in this deck of illustrative and informative cards that cover a selection of top tips, benefits, questions and easy swaps to make your vegan life easier. Whether you have been vegan for years or just turned vegan or you are looking at giving veganism a go, this deck has your back and will explore all you need to know in a non-preachy, nice light hearted manner making it the perfect addition to your bookshelf, desk, bedside table or kitchen worktop. Written by long term vegan Lisa Gawthorne who mixes business, athletics, and writing in her life in a passionate way to spread positivity in the vegan world.

67 cards. 10cm width, 13.5cm length, 4cm depth. 381g weight.


Knowledge, inspiration, dedication, fun, compassion and happiness

How to use

Deal and read as you wish, when you want. Some like to read it all in one go, others like to take it in as part of a daily ritual or refer to it when they need inspiration. The cards are that lovely we dont blame you if you just shuffle and glance at the lovely colours and illustrations!


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Return policy

If for some out of this world reason, you decide you dont want The Vegan Deck, it can only be returned if unopened with the film still in place.

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